Written by admin on April 11th, 2011

Dear Family,
This week was really great lots of fun stuff happened. I think yall will really enjoy my recording but just so you know my voice sounds a little weird, I think its the recording quality. I really enjoyed everyone´s emails and Josh´s joke from his talk I got a good kick out of that. I felt really sad for the guy that got in that accident I really hope it was for a good reason and that his paralysis isn´t permanent thats super sad.
Well this week lots of things happened and we had our ups and downs. We´ll just say it was just full of humbling experiences full of learning opportunities. Macarena is probably our investigator that is progressing the most. She really enjoyed conference on Saturday and she said that she liked it so much, it made her come back for Sunday. We talked to her again about receiving an answer because she had more questions and all of the sudden the whole Relief Society Presidency entered into the door and the 3 of them shared their testimonies about how they came to know the truth. It was a great lesson and at the end she said when we teach her we make her feel important and we told her right away because you are important! She is actually from another part of Jujuy and went back for the weekend and didn´t come home in time for church. She has a baptisimal date for the 30th of April but she has to come to church a couple more times. This week I also went on exchanges with the zone leaders and I learned a ton. It was great and we worked really hard. I went with Elder Oviedo from Chile. He´s actually in my group and it was fun to catch up a bit. He was a great teacher not just with the Spirit but very convincingly. I was really impressed and I´m going to try to imitate what I learned from him. We had a bunch of contacts that we picked up before and we found 7 new investigators in one day! One of them was a family of 5 and they were awesome! Their name is the Flores Family and it was a mom and her children and they were super receptive. The only problem is that the dad is only in town every 15 days because he works in a mine in Southern Argentina. The mom said “I´ve had so many different people come to my door and tell me different things and I always ask the same question: When Jesus comes, which church is he going to go to? None of them have given me a good answer.” It was funny because we answered right away “Well, I do believe we have an answer.” Its funny because sometimes we´ll be teaching the first lesson and they´ll start catching on and ask a question about the solution to all of the apostasy and we just laugh and tell them we´re getting there! On Thursday I got to teach the district lesson and I taught on completing our goals and how the things we do as individual servants and disciples of Christ we can become more effective tools in His hands and fulfill our purpose. I thought it turned out pretty good. District meeting is like a pump up session for the week so I have to get everyone excited about going out to work and doing their job. I can´t believe how fast this transfer is going by we are already starting the 4th week! I´m not sure if I´ll stay or go but it ought to be something interesting. I hope yall have a great day and I can´t wait to hear from everyone next week! I love and pray for you all.

Elder Singer

PS Felix is doing great too he is preparing to receive the Aaronic Priesthood!

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