Conference and the Salt Flats :)

Written by admin on April 10th, 2011

The Salt Flats

The Salt Flats

Elder Singer leaps the Salt Flats in a single bound!

Elder Singer leaps the Salt Flats in a single bound!

Dear Family,

This last general conference was awesome! I loved the talks and the power of the spirit we all felt when we went to conference. Time flew in Conference I have never enjoyed it so much! President Northcutt gave us a challenge to go to Conference and write down some questions we had about whatever and  he promised us that they would be answered and they were! It was way cool. I´m glad to hear that everyone is doing well and that Josh got a Prom date. Bien ahí. Dad I´m not going to lie I was totally thinking about Brad whenever they started talking about marriage haha. All of the missionaries in the English room were busting up because it was brought up so many times that we should get married. Here I have met lots of people that have a sad idea about what marriage is supposed to be. Some non member lady that was an investigator told me I should wait as long as I possibly could. In the worlds eyes marriage is so sad, another lady told me its just something you try out but its meant to end sooner or later. Sad day.

Anyways this week was full of ups and downs but the ups outnumbered the downs I would say. We started the week out with a leadership training with President. By the way, apparently there was an error and I found out later that day that I was District Leader. It was somewhat abrupt because I got to teach on Thursday in District Meeting and I never knew it would be so fun to take people´s numbers twice a week. In the training we talked about the importance of the presentation of the quality of the message of the Restoration. He started off by drawing a stick figure of Jesus Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane and then put the painting version next to it. Both express the same idea but there is quite a difference. He said we needed to teach lessons to the quality that is depicted in the painting and hone our teaching skills. We talked a ton about the importance of good questions and how they influence the teaching. They are pretty much like the back bone of the lessons! Anyways it was really interesting and everyone came out really wanting to change the way they tought. We didn´t have a whole lot of success finding people this week because I had to go to Salta to do papers again and Conference but this week we´re pretty excited to work. Also we have lots of great people progressing. I don´t know if I told yall about Macarena but she´s the sister of a lady who is reactivating. She is really great and started reading the Book of Mormon. We talked to her about receiving a testimony and about Alma´s invitation to plant the seed of faith. We also challenged her to do what we did with the questions in General Conference and she did it and came to 2 sessions of General Conference. I really enjoyed every session but I think most of all Priesthood sessions they had all of the first Presidency speak in that one! President Monson´s talk was great but I think my favorite was Elder Oaks´ talk about our desires and how they influence us. The talk that probably touched me the most was the final talk from Elder Holland when he talked about the fulfillment of the revelation from the prophet Isaiah. I loved conference because I felt like my spiritual needs were met and I felt that I came out with a deepened desire to serve the Lord and be a better disiple of Christ. I hope all of you were able to feel that powerful spirit and have a renewed desire to make a home centered around Christ. Like Pres Monson said the gap between us and the world is widening and we need to prepare more than ever for the future. I hope yall like the pics from the Salinas!! (Salt flats) It was so fun and we took a ton of sweet pics thats basically all we had time to do today was that activity.


Elder Singer

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