Happy Easter :)

Written by admin on May 1st, 2011

Dear Family,

I had a pretty great week :) Thanks for the letters from everyone, I really enjoyed the Egg Roll videos but I´m not going to lie I didn´t miss it TOO much… I don´t think I have ever won. My comp and I were busting up at the announcement that Josh gave for himself. Btw can you send me that music for the piano music for the song you were tellin my about, thanks. (the question mark key doesn´t work today so if you see a question, could you do the favor, thanks). Dad I can´t believe you forgot where we went for my city… Fredricksburg! Remember the fun memory of eating traditional German food…. and not at Dairy Queen! Ah good times… I can´t believe Billy has a girlfriend, I didn´t know there was a girl that fit into his standards but like my German teacher said, there´s a lid for every pot.

Well, this was a fun week, the first highlight was probably another training meeting with President. It was really helpful, we continue to talk about the quality of our teaching, teaching really is an art. We applied some of the stuff we learned this week and it worked great. Macarena continues to progress. She said that after Sacrament meeting she really wants to go up and bear her testimony whenever shes a member. She is really cool and her family that are members are really fun. If you don´t remember she lived somewhere else and now she´s living with her older sister and she´s really excited about the Gospel. Also Felix´s mom is getting a little worse but tomorrow she will be going to Tucuman tomorrow finally but all of the sudden she told us that she read the Joseph Smith story and that she has always known that its true, it was kinda crazy but after her operation and gets going to church she´ll get baptized for sure. Also an update on Felix… He told us the other day out of the blue, he finished the Book of Mormon, again!! He´s super awesome, on Sunday he received the Aaronic Priesthood and whenever President Millan ordained him he blessed him in his preparation to be a full time missionary, I think he would be an excellent missionary. Another highlight from this week was that I got to go on divisions with Elder Carter, it was great. He´s such an awesome guy and super intelligent. I´m impressed every time he opens his mouth. We found 5 new investigators together that was pretty cool. Speaking of which, on Sunday, we had to find 5 new people to complete the goal for news and we found 6 people that Sunday night it was awesome. Also Lurdez and her daughters Erica and Julieta are all really excited about their baptism. They´ve been a little sick and we need to get them going to church a more frequently but now all they talk about is their baptism, it´ll probably be sometime next month! Tasha and I are on the same transfer cycle so I´ll be finding out this week if I´ll be staying or going, I´m nervous because I have lots of mixed feelings. Elder Carter gave his well thought out prediction and he thinks that I´ll stay another transfer with Elder Kingsford. We´ll see what happens!

Another really special experience, a couple of weeks ago we were asked by a group of nurse students to come and talk about our religion.  It was Elder Carter, me, Pres Millan and one of his counselors and we all got to talk a little bit about some of our beliefs. It was this morning and it seemed like they all really enjoyed it, I felt famous because everyone was taking pictures of us while we were up front but it was cool to share the Gospel with so many people at the same time. I think a lot of seeds were planted and even though all of them were too shy to come up and show interest, I think the next time a missionary comes around to their house they´ll open up the door. After, Elder Carter and I stopped at an art museum and took some cool pictures just playing around. Also Elder Kingsford and Elder Carrillo prepared some special Mexican steak for all of us, it was nice to have something of a little different flavor. Argentines are funny because they don´t eat bitter, sour, sweet, or hot foods, its all in the middle and nothing at the extremes, I guess they´re sensitive. O yeah almost forgot, the 4 of us missionaries all got to speak in church and I got to speak about the Resurrection, it was a privilege to be able to speak about it on Easter Sunday. The common Argentine tradition is that they make their own chocolate eggs and paint them with different frosting colors with rabbits and cutesy little things like that. Well, gotta go, I love you guys and hope everyone is doing great. Be excellent to each other.


Elder Singer

PS I had to send this really late because the internet went down where we were earlier… have a great night!

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