Happy Mother´s Day!… and Hangin with the Governor

Written by admin on May 16th, 2011

Dear Family,
It was so cool to be able to skype with everyone it was like having yall in the room and then when I turned it off and stepped outside it all just disappeared and I realized that we are on 2 different sides of the world. It was great seeing everyone though and how you all have changed, I told some of the other missionaries that they really missed out if they didn´t use skype it was definitely way cooler than the phone call. Yall probably already know about whats been going on in my life because we all talked yesterday but I figure for just some of those fans I can add a little somethin extra for this weeks email.
Villa Alem is a really solid area and it is probably one of the most well established wards I have ever been in. We even have ward missionaries and unfortunately I don´t get to play on Sunday anymore because they have someone that plays on Sunday. Whenever I talked to yall in Spanish I told you about our investigator Natalia. She is way awesome and she´ll be getting baptized this Saturday. We haven´t been able to contact her but the other investigator thats supposed to get bapitzed soon is named Dolores, apparently she´s an older lady thats a mom of a member. Anyways, Elder Ackerman and I are really excited about our area and working together. He´s a really funny guy and sometimes he´ll switch personalities on me. This week we were in a lunch and I won´t give you all the really gruesome details but the lunch that he had originally eaten magically appeared on the ground to his left. I thought the same would soon happen to me because I laughed so hard but luckily I was able to hold it down.
Today for Pday we went around centro and we went to the governor´s house and we took some really cool pics and our tour guide could speak english, she said she has been to the US a ton of times. As we were walking out and she was showing us one more thing, she suddenly looked behind us and there went the Gov walking with a ton of security and he shook all of the missionaries´ hands it was pretty cool. I wanted to tell him I was there to baptize him and his province but it looked like he was in a bit of a hurry. The “white room” was really cool and apparently they have really important meetings there. I felt pretty cool and in that picture thats Elder Ackerman and I taking a picture where they sign important papers. Anyways, the week was great and this one will probably be even better. By the way the other missionaries I live with are Elder Spencer and Elder Petersen and they are really great missionaries. Well, time for me to go, I love you all and I cant wait to hear from you next week!

Elder Singer

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