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Written by admin on May 1st, 2011

Dear Family,

How´s everyone doing? My week was pretty excellent we had a lot of success finding new people to teach and with some of our investigators. Before I start out, I hope you all enjoyed the voice clip from last week, Pablo sure did enjoy talking to you all and practicing his english. He has a really strong desire to preach the gospel and when he is with us he´ll point at a door and say, lets go there I know them! This is probably one of the most crazy things I´ve heard from Pablo so far, I told him he had a cool tie and he was like yeah its from one of my comps, he´s famous now and plays football. At this point I didn´t really believe him and he goes, yeah Austin Collie! He told me he would have them run pass routes on Pdays and they played lots of football together. If you don´t remember who Austin Collie is, he´s a wide reciever for the Colts who played for BYU. It was pretty crazy. Anyways, I really enjoyed everyone´s letters, I can´t believe another school year has almost gone by! By the way, the pictures are from a hike that we did this morning by a hill in our area and then the model shot is from goin up to the Salinas. There is another one of Felix and I talking by the river by his house, thats like his meditation place where he goes to play guitar and stuff like that.

As I was saying, this week was really great. I think Elder Kingsford and I grew a lot last week unity wise. We taught better and worked harder it was cool. A little update on Felix, lately he has been having some trials, especially his Mom Ana. He didn´t go to church on Sunday so he could take care of his mom. She´s really sick and she has to go to Tucuman to get her liver operated on. We came by and gave her a blessing and she has gotten better but she has to wait until she can get out of bed so she can travel to Tucuman, so if you can try to remember them in your prayers. Also Macarena continues to progress and she has a baptisimal date this month for the 30th and we are going to try to work really hard with her while she´s got 2 weeks left. She said she feels more identified and special in the church and everytime she does anything with the church she feels really good inside.

This week in district meeting I taught again and we talked about improving the quality of our commitments. I thought it turned out pretty well. This is interesting news, in my district, there is an area called La Quiaca on the border of Bolivia and Argentina (where Elder Hale finished his mission) and they are going to close it and combine it with the area on the other side of Bolivia and Pres Northcutt went up to have the final branch conference. The missionaries from La Quiaca came down today and are going to work in the Hermana´s area in Almerante Brown (another area in my district) and in 2 weeks when the transfer ends they are going to take out the Hermanas. They were a little sad to go but excited for some change. Its sad because a lot of our mission we have had to take out the Hermanas because it is just too dangerous. Hermanas means sisters btw.
I don´t know if you all remember or if I told you all but the Lopez family is a family that has a less active mother that is the only member is coming to church and their father has been making lots of changes in his life and  said he is willing to do anything to make his family eternal. He said that he wants to be baptized just they need to get married and they might do it May 4th! Its a little hard to teach though because the Sister LOVES to talk but she is really nice. We helped her make empenadas last night for her daughter´s birthday and while we did that I was using my convincing powers to get her to want to be married ASAP because she is being a little indecisive now that shes getting what she wanted for all these years.

Elder Carrillo the break dance guy bought this huge stereo and we´ve been jammin to MoTab while we work out in the morning. He made some roasted corn for us and apparently its the same kind of corn that Nacho threw into that one guy´s eye in the movie. I was pretty impressed, it was quite delicious. About the Military dad, I´m not sure I can even do Lasic surgery because its “too new” (thats what they told me when I was there) and I have to do it with some other method. I´m not very familiar with any other way but apparently there are other surgeries. Speaking of after the mission, do yall think it would be a lil difficult to come home a couple of weeks early and then go straight to school? Its a tough decision but I guess I have to pray about it. I guess I just really wanted to finish with the rest of the guys in the group but maybe its better to come home early. I would appreciate your input on this subject (hint: respond to this part.:)) O and apparently I can skype with you all on mother´s day that would be awesome! I´ve gotta go now but just wanted to say I love and miss you all and hope that everyone is doing their best!


Elder Singer

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