Natalia y Dolores

Written by admin on May 16th, 2011

Dear Family,

This week was great! Thanks for your letter mom and the video, I wasn´t able to hear it though maybe next week I´m hoping. It sounded like everyone will be finishing up school pretty soon here I bet you´re all excited. School here starts at the end of march its all the opposite.   We had a super great start to the week because on Tuesday morning we found 5 new investigators and ended the week with 10. Of those 10 there are 2 super cool families and we are really excited to teach them. The first one is a couple with a little kid, named Maxamiliano and Maria and then the Quiroga Family. We´ll see what happens with them but basically since I´ve been here we have been adding and dropping people, starting a little new with some things. It was really funny whenever we found Maxamiliano and Maria, we clapped and Maria came over and I told her I liked her house and then she asked me if I wanted to come in and I said “sure…” with a surprised look on my face, definitely inspired words. For a lot of the week we were also preparing Natalia and Dolores for their baptisms. Natalia is the younger looking one and Dolores is a lot older and I was able to baptize Natalia. It was cool because it was Elder Ackerman´s first baptism. I´m pretty sure all of the opposition in the world was coming at us to stop the baptisms from happening but with a lot of prayers we were able to overcome it. As you all know, Argentines are really afraid of the rain and Natalia and Dolores got there just barely on time. The whole time they both had a big smile on their faces and they were so excited. Dolores especially surprises me because most elderly people are really unwilling to change but she has a great testimony of the church. The next day for the confirmation the both of them weren´t coming it looked like and all the sudden right before we started they both showed up. Dolores showed up during Natalia´s confirmation and a member tapped me on the shoulder and I found out she was there… it was a little too close. Natalia almost didn´t come either because something happened at home. Something that I´ve seen in the mission is that there is always a ton of opposition in the weeks before and after baptism. Sorry this letter is a little boring but it was really a great week, the time flew. Also Ana and Felix called me both in separate times and Ana is down here in Tucuman and it looks like she´ll be coming to our chapel this Sunday! When Felix called me he was going out with the missionaries on an appointment and it sounds like he´s doing good but is also going through some tough times. Also this next week every area except mine will have 1 baptism and that means I get to do 3 interviews! I´m super excited and I heard that baptismal interviews are the coolest experience. I´ve been thinking about it and it seems like a really intense responsibility. But hey its about time for me to go. I love you guys so much… have a great summer!

Love, Elder Singer

PS I´ll send the pics next week but put them on with this weeks letter the computer is being weird

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