Transfered… to Villa Alem (Tucuman)

Written by admin on May 16th, 2011

Dear Family,

Wow I was pretty stunned to find out that Osama is dead, its pretty amazing that they finally got rid of him I got shivers when I read the story from Dad. Anyways, if the title wasn´t obvious enough for you I got transferred to Tucuman. It was really bitter sweet to leave, I think I grew a great love for the members and the people that were there and it kinda stinks because there will probably be a bunch of baptisms this next month but I guess its more important that they get baptized if I´m there or not. Macarena wanted a little more time but apparently she´ll get baptized this next weekend. She is really great and I´m really excited to see get news from whats going on up there.

This last week was a little hard to find new investigators and Elder Kingsford and I were fightin a battle to find them all. We were able to do it too it was great we found like all 9 in 3 days. Also we had 7 investigators in church but we were excpecting a ton more. We found this cool kid and his brother, Juaquin and Ulisses and the older brother came to church. They were good kids and I guess I´ll find out if they progress.

In my new area its right in the Capitol and I´m going to see if any of the contacts Grandpa gave me are around here. I´m going to be district leader again and I know a lot of the missionaries already in my area. Its crazy too because I will be living with 3 other gringos… again! My comps name is Elder Ackerman from South Jordan. He is the youngest of 9 kids and every single one has served a mission! Apparently his parents met at Utah State too (Jim and Susan) but I think they are a little older than yall. He´s pretty new in the mission, he was only 1 transfer with his trainer and I get to teach him lots of Spanish I´m actually excited about that.

This last week I was talking a lot with Elder Carter and there are tons of really odd parrallels between our 2 missions, its like we´ve been following each other its crazy. He and I arrived from Salta to Jujuy on the same bus and then we both were called to Tucuman (the same zone!). We´ve been talking about maybe one day coming back together to visit our areas

I´ve been thinking about coming home a little bit earlier and it looks like I´m leaning towards that. I guess we will see what happens. Elder Kingsford says to go home a lil bit early because I got to be thinking more about my future or something like that. It just kinda stinks because it wouldn´t quite be the full 2 years. I´ll have to see what the new mission President thinks. I can´t believe that Pres Northcutt is going home in 2 months thats really crazy. He´s such an excellent guy I´m going to miss him and the spirit he brings.

For the phone call I already told mom what time it will probably be. If I want to I can skype with yall I just gotta find a computer with the capabilities! I love yall and hope to you have a great week and I can´t wait to talk to you all this mother´s day!


Elder Singer

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