June 23rd, 2011

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I´ll be home for Christmas……

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

Dear Family,
Hey everyone how´s it going? Thanks for everyone´s letters it was great to hear all of your exotic stories. Also just wanted to say Happy Father´s day to dad. Yesterday when we were in lunch we were at the end and I said to the Father of the family and I asked him if we were going to sing the father´s day song. I was just making it up and there wasn´t really a father´s day song and all of the sudden Elder Ackerman jumps in with a “Have a happy father´s day!” like there was a song. It was really funny, Elder Ackerman has me rolling all the time he´s such a funny guy. This week was a really solid for me and I think the highlight was that it was the last Zone Conference for President Northcutt and it was pretty bittersweet. I´ll tell a little more about it but if you read the title of this email you´ll notice that I´ll be home for Christmas. I wrote it with the title so you´d think of that song but yes its true I´ll probably be home for Christmas. President told me my ending date will be December 20th so I´ll probably be home around Christmas Eve ish. I don´t really wanna come home early but you gotta do what you gotta do… Speaking of which, Josh asked for some suggestions about his college classes. The advice I would give to you right now is that you should take all general classes instead of that kind of focus already because you could go on your mission and want to do something different I´ve seen a lot of missionaries do that while I´ve been here so I would just take some generals and play it safe. Maybe some civil engineering stuff, just Construction Documents, sounds like the most boring thing I´ve ever heard in my life. Of course you should also try praying about it, you won´t be shown everything but choose something and seek approval. Tonight I´ll be headed for Salta and I get together with my group again and talk about the mission and all the fun stuff we´ve been doing. I´m with Elder Brisolara and Elder Robbins from my MTC group and so if my letter becomes a little incoherent you´ll know why.

Something good that happened this week is that that couple we´ve been teaching got married and we went to their party for a little bit because we couldn´t go to the wedding. She´s been an investigator for a while but she hasn´t been to church in forever and she didn´t go on sunday so we´ll see what happens. We keep finding really solid people but its been hard for us to get them to church but we did have a guy named Nahum that came and he is really intelligent and understands everything. He´s from Honduras and he has an accent thats a lot different. The only problem is that he´s got to get married so we´ll see what happens. Like I was saying about conference, it was President and Hermana Northcutt´s last time to be here with us and it was really sad to see them go. President ended with 2 big life lessons the first that God loves us and answers prayers and how to choose a wife. They were really quite incredible stories about things that happened to him and at the end we all said our hugs and goodbyes they had me cryin like a baby. I´ll never forget the Hermana´s testimony of the Savior, you can look into her eyes and you can really tell that she has a testimony. She told me at the end that she really loved me it was hard to see them go, you´ll see the pictures attached.

Well I´ve gotta go, we went to Burger King as a district and I got the 5.0 burger with 5 patties and it turns out that it was actually only a 4.0, it was quite the letdown but it was ok. Fastfood is like healthy food for me now because of all of the many months of Argentine food I´ve put down. I love you guys have an excellent day!

Elder Singer