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Written by admin on June 5th, 2011

Dear Family,

Hey how´s everyone doing? I can´t believe another school year has gone by and that Josh is graduating thats just insane. I only have about 7 months left time is going by too fast! Make sure yall send lots of pics from the graduation party, man Josh, Dad thinks you are quite the ladies man I´m impressed. Before I forget, I learned something interesting that has nothing to do with missionary work. Dad, remember how you told me some guy got on you for reading the abridged version of Les Miserables? Well, it turns out the auther (sp?) was paid by the word to write the book, hence useless details that have nothing to do with the story, so, don´t feel bad for reading the abridged version. Elder Ackerman has a sister named Stephanie Casperson that lives in Logan Utah and is a professional (I think retired now) ballerina and I was wondering if Aunt Steph would know her. AND I´d like to ask a favor :) The Gen conf. magazines are like golden here in the mission and I was wondering if yall could send me one from the most recent conference… thanks :)

Anyways… this was an excellent week we had lots of fun and we keep finding good families. We found a family of young men and they have a single mother and they were all really good kids, we just got to get them all to church so we can get a bunch of future missionaries. I don´t know if yall remember Mirta but she is now done with first Nephi and I think she is starting to recognize the opposition that comes when we try to do whats right. Also Marta came to church on Sunday and I could tell she really enjoyed it and she finally committed to a baptismal date for June 11 and she´s really excited! We have lots of good investigators just we need to get them all to church and I think the rain and the cold winter scares them away a bit so we´re going to see what we are going to do this next week.

Our district is doing well, we had some missionaries getting frustrated but we had a really solid meeting on thursday and we focused on a quote called “Think in Baptism”, I think its by Richard G. Scott and it talks about how we can´t make excuses or blame the factors that supposedly effect our success in missionary work when in reality its our own attitude and faith that makes the difference in our success and thats why we need to plant baptism in our thoughts so that the rest of the things that we do will reach that same point and it´ll flip our world upside down in a good way, I firmly believe that its this way in just about everything we aspire to do, its a really interesting principle of life and the Gospel.

This week I also got to go on exchanges with Elder Spencer and it was really fun. Elder Spencer loves the gospel and is really intelligent. He graduated early and studied at BYU and wants to be an electrical engineer, Dad maybe you could hook him up I definitely recommend him for some type of internship or whatever. Anyways, we had a blast, I only have 6 weeks more than him in the mission and we had lots of fun together. He started in the same zone as me and I remember him saying when he was new that he didn´t understand anything haha. Now he speaks really good spanish.

There was also a wedding this week for a couple thats already been sealed and everything just they got married down here for the paper. Their name is the Gonzalez family and they are basically gringos, she is from Idaho and she is married to a guy from down here. It was fun to speak english with them in church they were really nice. Anyways just to tell yall something fun we did we got to go to their wedding party for our lunch and they´re moving back to the states this wednesday. I also met 2 gringo RMs who are selling this New Skin thing that served in Bahia Blanca, another mission of Argentina. They made me realize how bad of a culture shock I was going to have because they pulled out all of the new apple technology and I just about got blown away, it made me realize how blessed we are in the US now that I´m an Argentine. Well, I gotta be on my way, I love you all so much and I can´t wait to hear all the great news from next week!


Elder Singer

PS AH Almost forgot!!! Macarena, Julieta, and Erica from Chijra got baptized and Julieta and Erica wrote me a letter last week telling me that they were going to get baptized, for lack of a better word, it was so cute!

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