stayin in villa alem!

Written by admin on June 19th, 2011

Dear Family,
Hey everyone! So I´m stayin here in Villa Alem and the good thing is that I´ll also still be with Elder Ackerman! I can´t believe Tasha got transferred but I guess thats how the mission is sometimes, full of wonderful surprises. Congrats to Josh on completing his eagle project! Don´t forget the rest of the fun paper work so it all counts. There will be a lot of changes in my district too! Elder Spencer got a new comp and it was kinda sad to see Elder Peterson go but it was bittersweet. Also Elder Brisolara from my MTC District came down from Jujuy and we were super excited to see each other. We were born in the same district and now we´re together again! Thats about all to tell for super exciting stuff but I´ll be District Leader again. Dad said something about his sad feelings of when kids go, last night we were talking about goodbyes and I told them about our epic final pingpong game that was super sad between Dad and I before I left for college. I think Grandma asked if I do all the Baptismal Interviews but I only do the one´s that aren´t mine and in my district but its a really fun experience. I never told yall but I did one for a super shy nine year old girl and she didn´t want to talk hardly at all and was going to write her answers on paper so I sat down with her in the baby chairs in primary and I sang her I am a Child of God. I think she liked it because after she started talking to me. The baptisimal interviews are a fun experience. Attached are some of the pics we took at the stake conference and before Elder Peterson left.
Its been a hard decision to come home a lil early or to stay but I was thinking about it with school and being with Josh and Tasha at the same time and AForce and I think President is going to have me come home a bit earlier. I told him as late as I can to stay in the mission but early enough to make it for school. I think it would be better to come back and visit later on too. I`m really bad at goodbyes and it would just be a round of goodbyes anyways but I would love to come with you all again later on. Maybe we could swing by Brazil in 2014 for the world cup! That would be quite the soccer experience.
We found a family that was almost awesome this week… I say that because we taught some of the sons and apparently they were close to baptism but when we went back, their mom didn´t want anything to do with us and she wasn´t really open to anything. It was sad but later that day we found some great contacts. We knocked a little bit in a rich area for a change and it was weird because we actually found some really nice people which was a nice surprise because usually it turns out different. Also something cool that happened, we were walking somewhere kinda dangerous and this girl with her Grandma asked us to walk with them to their house just 2 more blocks because a sketchy guy was following them. It looks like we made it just in time he kept slowing down and looking back but the next time he looked back we were standing next to them and the guy took off. It was cool because we were like protecting angels that came out of nowhere and saved them. They they said we could come visit them at any time!
This week we will be getting one of our investigators married but it turns out that President Northcutt´s last Conference will be this friday too! So we won´t be able to go so that kinda stinks for them. Also Gisel, Mirta´s daughter asked a great question, “Why do we need to get baptized?” It was a pretty golden question and they seem really excited to go to church but they didn´t really want to go to stake conference but they´re all being going this week. Speaking of which, we had a super stake conference and it was great because we heard from Elder Zivic of the 70 (by satelite of course), Elder Packer, Elder Anderson, and the Primary President I can´t remember her name. But Elder Zivic is from Buenos Aires and he said something I really liked. He talked about the 2nd coming and he asked how would we act right now if we knew how much time was left until that moment and what would we change. I thought it was an excellent way to look at things, the Stake Conference overall was great and we could all feel the Spirit really strong there. Well, I gotta be heading out now my time is up and we gotta go teach the Good Word ;). I love you guys so much! Portense bien.

Elder Singer

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