July 4th, 2011

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Monday, July 4th, 2011

Dear Family,
Just so yall know this might be a little less because all the missionaries are going to write their most special mission experience to Hermana Northcutt so it´ll take me a bit. I loved everyone´s letters and just so you know mom, dad was able to send something to us on his blackberry I can´t believe he has been doing so many things in a row like that. Did yall go to the same high adventure that we went to a while back? You gotta see if that same hippy tour guide is there from last time, I can´t remember his name right now. Congrats on swimming too by the way. I was pretty impressed by yall´s times. Here is the attached pic of some of the missionaries that are in my MTC group:

Elder Day, me, Robbins, Johnson, Silva, and Brisolara

Elder Day, me, Robbins, Johnson, Silva, and Brisolara

. Thats about half of them in my group, I hope I´ll be able to see the rest of them before I go home.
This last week I have done a lot of pondering and reading and all kinds of similarly intense things (caught up in visions etc.) and I can´t believe how fast the time in the mission has gone by. I just can´t believe a missionary could get tired of doing what we do because its starting to hit me how little time I really have and how fast its gone by. I know lately I´ve been talking like my mission is already coming to an end but I know a good chunk is still left, I just know this part will go by faster than any other because its like the final stretch and I know I wanna do like Tasha said and give 100%. I think seeing President and Hermana go made me realize how hard it would be to leave the mission at the end. My title for this email is our phrase that helps us get on task or correct one another between Elder Ackerman and I. Anyways, this was another solid week, we keep finding good people, the hardest thing is just figuring out who is the wheat and who the tares are. A special experience from the week was that week asked a member for a reference and it was their neighbor in front and next door too and we went over and we taught both neighbors together and one of them came to church on Sunday. Church assistance has been a bit annoying though because our investigators have been a little inconsistent, they just get scared when it gets super cold like it did yesterday.
At Zone Conference President talked about doing missionary work exactly as Preach My Gospel says and we talked about some of the things the Manual tells us to do that most missionaries probably don´t do and we talked about the quality of our studies. Usually we talk more about teaching and goals, things like that, but we talked a little about that and we had excellent results. The missionaries said that they´ve never had such great study sessions before after they changed a couple of things and make it more investigator focused, there just isn´t time in the mission to study deep doctrine and you can probably bet that you will never teach it. We have to focus it a lot more on the quality of our teaching and the basics of the gospel. President told us that Elder Bowen, a 70, said that if people understood the doctrine better we wouldn´t have any inactive members in the church… interesting huh. Anyways, I got to be on my way, I love you guys very much I hope you all have an excellent week!

Elder Singer