July 25th, 2011

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Monday, July 25th, 2011

Dear Family,
Hey everybody! Congratulations to Tasha on completing an excellent mission! I can´t believe her time is already up. It truly is the best, one of a kind experience that anyone could ever have! I can only imagine the mixed feelings that shes experiencing right now. But guess what………… (drum roll… it was transfers)….. I´m staying in Villa Alem, the only bad thing is that Elder Ackerman is gone but only to the other zone of Tucuman so I´ll probably get to see him again some time I don´t really know. But, if you´re wondering who my new companion is, you´re in the same situation as I am because I don´t know who it is either because I´m training!!! I´m super excited I was hoping to train because there is this new study program thats super intense its 4 hours of study every day and the trainer has to stay with his trainee for 2 transfers so that means I´ll have a least 6 months in Villa Alem. I´m a little nervous/excited because now its back to the old way where we go up to Salta to pick them up and eat lunch with the President like it was whenever I started the mission. Its weird because we all sit in the same room and they announce it and in front of everyone you find out who your new companion is for the next 3 months… well thats how it will be for me, maybe something similar I don´t really know but you´ll all be finding out next week.
This week was really great by the way, as you can see from the pictures we had our baptism it was great! One of the members baptized her and we had 2 other wards their and the place was busting out its sides. I got to do 3 baptismal interviews too and that was great too. My district is just the best and we´re all like buddies. Micaela´s mom came to the baptism and we had a little intermission and we talked about the Restoration and whenever we invited everyone to ask God about it I looked over at her and I saw her head nodding. We talked to her after and she said that she loved it! I sure hope we get to teach her again soon. Also Franco the 18 year old kid came again to church (3 times in a row!) and he came to the baptism! We´ve been trying to work a lot harder with the ward and getting them pumped about missionary work and they´ve been visiting our investigators and inviting them to activities and its been helping a ton.
This was probably one of the scarier experiences of my mission but Elder Araya one of the members of my district called me at like 11:30 at night and said I needed to call the doctor in Buenos Aires because he only spoke english and while I was talking to him Elder Angel (Elder Araya´s comp) went into a seizure and the doctor was giving me instructions through one phone and I was translating and taking symptoms to the other phone as they were trying to deal with the situation, the whole thing ended up being like an hour it was pretty scary but it turned out ok and we´re going to see what the doctor says today.
In my final moments with Elder Ackerman, it was bittersweet to see him go and he cried a little bit but on Sunday night we were knocking doors and we found a family of 5! They were super great and understood a ton and had lots of great questions. We´ve been having to drop a lot of people because they weren´t progressing but we were pretty pumped about them. I got go pretty soon here but I love you guys so much take lots of great pics of Germany for me and I will be updating you all next week. Thank you so much for the birthday package by the way!

Elder Singer