New President!

Written by admin on July 22nd, 2011

Dear Family,
Thank you all so much for your letters they were great, by the time you get my letter you´ll all be dispersed across the country. I´m really excited to hear about how the Nauvoo trip goes when mom and everyone comes back. Dad I really enjoyed the story about the little Primary girls. I can´t believe Josh is already headed off to college soon, its scary to see how fast everyone is growing up. Also this week was exciting because I got some of the letters from the Miamaids with a narrow range of comments… “hey Elder Singer this has got to be a page so uh…” but it was fun to read them and tell other missionaries that I was the vicitm of the summer challenge. Apparently a package came in for me this week too but this time around I gotta pay a lil bit but don´t worry its not that its expensive, it just means I have to wait to find out what it is but thats ok :)
This week we got to know the new President and let me tell you he is the man. On Wednesday we had interviews with him and he is just a super direct guy and we had a great talk. He just nails you with questions and then he asked me about something I want to do in the mission or improve and when he responded it was just like alright, do this, this, and this and you´ll do it. Will you do it and report to me every week and how you´re doing with this?… Something like that and then this week we have to do a leadership training on Friday so I´ll get to see him again. On Thursday we had a half day 2 zone conference and I got to see Elder Kingsford and Elder Carrillo from Chijra. It was great to see them again and talk to them about the good ol days. President talked about what Elder Uchdorf talked about in Priesthood sessions that we are so privledged and blessed but we don´t live up to our full potential when we don´t give our best, disobey, or magnifying our callings. He also talked a ton about the Doctrine of Christ and how are purpose is to help people live according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, not just to baptize them. Speaking of which it looks like we´ll be having a baptism this week! We´re really excited, its Micaela and she´s got a great testimony. I can´t remember if I said his name but the kid that came the first week, Franco, is doing great. He´s 18 and he has really enjoyed church and this time around he brought his little brother. Our last lesson we had with him we focused on the Book of Mormon and the spirit was really stong. We´re making progress with some other families too but we still have to get them to church. I´m pretty sure this will be my last week with Elder Ackerman, we´re a bit sad to part ways but excited for the future.  Well, gotta go now, I love you guys so much and I hope all have an excellent week full of great experiences!

Elder Singer

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