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Written by admin on July 22nd, 2011

Dear Family,
This week was great! I can´t believe that Tasha is on the final stretch. Yall should give Tasha a question thing to do like they did with Tyler right before he went home. I´m on the final quarter when they put the fastest guy in, I guess that means I gotta put in my best for the finish. Anyways, It has been another awesome week out here in the mission field, but maybe a little better than normal. I know that numbers aren´t the most important thing in the mission of course but over the course of four weeks there has been a big jump in the progress of my district and it just feels good to set goals and accomplish them. Also happy birthday to Grandma and Josh!! I hope it was/will be wonderful! Josh can now buy permanent markers whooo. Also Grandma asked me about the weather here and it very well could snow here but the weather is really similar to Houston weather so not too likely but a possibility.
We had a solid start of the week and we found a group of boys in the street and they asked us a question about english and we asked if we could sit down on the curb and talk. Two of them are 18 year old twins and they have 2 younger brothers. They are really good kids and they understood everything really well and accepted the baptismal invitation. The cool thing was is that we had a member go by on Sunday to pick them up and one of the oldest boys came. We´re hoping that all 4 come home soon but it was still great to see someone we talked to in the street come to church that week it was great. Also we found a couple who we could tell were real searchers of the truth. They kinda like sleeping on sundays and they found it a little abrubt to go to church on Sunday but we´ll see what happens in this next week. It has been a blast this whole time working with Elder Ackerman but we think we´ll have to part ways at the end of this transfer, I think he´s one of the funniest guys I know. This week we were at a lunch appointment and the family said that they liked to dance and talked about different types of dances and the sister said something about how she thought tap dancing was cool. Elder Ackerman then said that he knew how to tap dance and I looked at him with my “no way” face and told him that he didn´t know how to tap dance and he defended himself and stood up out of his chair and started to do a little tap routine. The sister was just blown away but I held the same expression, I just knew him too well and the whole time I wasn´t really convinced but the rest of the family was and right when we walked out and probably took about 5 steps and he says “Man… I totally just made that up.” He always has me busting up, its just stuff like this all day long its great with all of the fun stuff we get to do as missionaries on top of that. Sometimes we´ll be walking together and we´ll just look up at the sky and say “whoa… we´re in Argentina on a mission…”
The best thing that happened this week was that we had 5 investigators in church! We hadn´t been doing to well with church asistances so when we did weekly planning we decided that we would fast on the following day for our investigators. We recieved the immidiate blessings on sunday morning with all of those investigators and it was just a special experience to be able to strengthen my testimony of the fast. Elder Carter would say that fasting always works and I think its true. Lately I´ve really been trying to dive into the Book of Mormon and I´ve realized how closely associated that prayer and fast are in almost every case (if not all I don´t know exactly) that when someone searched for spiritual guidance or strength that didn´t just pray but they fasted too.
Well… I gotta be on my way soon I´m excited to hear from you all again, I love you all so much!

Elder Singer

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