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Written by admin on September 12th, 2011

Dear Family,
Hey that was another great week gone by. Thanks for the letters, its a bummer about BYU, some of my comps family were there and it was quite the setback to see them go down. Ah well its not the end of the world. Deep down inside I probably don´t really care that much. Thanks for all the dental advice by the way. I don´t think its a cavity. Just so you all know I could probably count on my hand how many days I didn´t floss in my mission so you need not worry about that. It doesn´t really hurt either I think its because I brush too hard and I need to “massage” my gums. Thanks though, you guys seemed really concerned about it and you can bet on a weekly update. Just so you all know Josh told me about some of the fun social barriers and I gave him some of my wonderful and thought out advice.

Lots of our investigators are progressing, Fransisca basically admitted that she wanted to be baptized, she´s awesome and has a great testimony. She told a story about how a friend´s daughter stole 100 pesos from her when they were visiting and she surprised herself on how she reacted, she was just totally calm and informed the mother about what had happened and was just super nice about it. She said that before she probably would have gotten really mad but she didn´t. Thats conversion! I think she´s halfway through 2 Ne, in the plow through Isaiah. They´re such a nice family but we got to get them married!!! It´s hard because we can never talk to the husband but they came to church on Sunday again. Speaking of marriage, I don´t know if yall remember the couple we married earlier on while we were here but they didn´t progress and we had to drop them but all of the sudden (after not seeing her for 2 months) the wife shows up at church. It was so random. Lately we´ve been trying really hard to get up the church attendance so we´ve been going to pick people up and it hasn´t been successful but we had 7 people in church again! It was great. We´ve been teaching that one little kid named Leo and he´ll be getting baptized this saturday, he´s a funny little guy and a member´s younger brother, the free one I´ve been telling you guys about. If everything works out right, Alicia the really sweet lady will be getting baptized the following week. When her son gets out of prison we´re going to try to teach him, it sounds like what happened was an accident and he´s really not that bad of a guy. The area´s goal (south America, South) is that we have baptisms every week so we got work super hard. Baptisms are great finding experiences and the family always comes to see them.

Training has been fun and being District leader has been an adventure as always. Elder Carrari is in our district and he´s quite the character. Excellent missionary and a better teacher, he´s so good with the people and he´s great to have around if you look back in like june maybe July of last year there´s a pic of him and I eating at a BBQ in Santiago. I´ve finally admitted to being old in the mission. Its going by too fast but I think its helping me work even harder and its been surprisingly easy to focus and have excellent days. Elder Carlson is doing good too, he continues to progress and it always reminds me of when I started the mission. Its hard being a new missionary, I remember seeing all the older ones and thinking I was just a little boy and the older guys were men and now I´m one of the old guys. Anyways, while everyones back in the real world I hope you are all living it up there because I sure am here. I love you guys so much and I´ll be excited to hear from you all again. If my letters are getting a little bland hit me up with some questions and I´ll do my best to answer them or some useful suggestions.

Elder Singer

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