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Written by admin on September 2nd, 2011

Dear Family,

First of all, Happy Birthday Megan!!
Pobrecita has to spend her birthday with everyone gone! I hope its a good one
though! This week was really long, I had to wait until Thursday to be with my
comp because of the volcanic ash thats in the air and so I got to work in La
Loma in my old area for a day and then in another part of Salta. I got to be
with Elder Ramos for a couple of days and that was really fun, every time we
get together we just bust our guts he is a really funny guy and was a little
sad when I told him I was heading out a little bit early. I really enjoyed the
pictures that Dad sent of you all vacationing/saying goodbye in Germany but Dad
I don´t think your tie matches at all. Dad asked me about how much time I´ll be
in the area, maybe I didn´t explain very well but I already have 3 months in
Villa Alem and I´ll have 3 months more because I´ll be with Elder Carlson for 2
transfers (Gringo comps for 9 months in a row!!!). Thats my new companion´s
name by the way. He´s from Orem, Utah and a super cool guy and we get along
well. I was wondering if we might be cousins, he said one of his ancestors was
a body guard to Joseph Smith (Its not shadrach roundy though) and there´s
somebody called Mary Anntonette, I think I heard that name some time at a family
reunion but I´m not sure. Training has been somewhat stressful though, Pres
Levrino made me realize how big of a responsibility it is to train when we went
up to Salta for a training meeting. We went to the President´s house and it all
went down how I explained and we were all in little groups and called us out
one by one to say who we would be with and there was lots of applauding and
cheering. It happens that in this group Elder Wells one of Brad´s friends
happened to be there and I snapped a picture with him, I figured Aunt Carol and
Brad would enjoy that too. I think I had forgotten how hard it was to be a new
missionary but since we met the new missionaries and I´ve been with my
companion it has brought back some fun memories with Elder Perez. I remember
feeling like a little kid in a big world were I didn´t understand most of
anything. Elder Carlson is a great companion though he has a lot of desire to
be a good missionary and wants to learn a lot and it makes it really easy for
me to focus too. It brought all my MTC memories back too and it made me really
miss it. It has also been interesting to see how much the church is changing.
It is truly a living church and every generation of missionaries is getting
better and better and the programs are getting more and more intense and

Missionary work wise it was a pretty good
week. To start off with, we worked Monday night in my area and found a family
of 4! Their name is the Lazarte family and then on Saturday night we invited
them to church and two of them came! They are super great and the 2 lessons we
have had with them have been super solid. Also the family of 5 we taught on
Sunday now has baptisimal dates and we´ll see what happens this week. We had
something kind of sad happen too with Franco. We don´t really know all of the
details but he came to church to give back his Book of Mormon but I wouldn´t
let him and the day before we fasted so he would come. He came but then it
turned out being to say goodbye. We´re going to try to still talk to him but we
don´t really know what happened. I guess I will be updating you all the next
week. Other than that, thats about it but we´re working real hard and having a
good time. I´m really excited to see how things go with this new program but it
has been quite the learning experience. It has helped me just in a couple of
days, improve my ability to study for the people we serve and we get so much
more out of it. Well I´ve been great, I hope everyone has a great week and I
hope to hear lots and lots of exciting news about whats happening in your


Elder Singer

PS I think
you can see the pics from our mission on Facebook. Thats what Hermana Levrino
said so check out Misión Argentina Salta I´m sure its along those lines…

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