“are you smelling what I´m stepping in?”

Written by admin on September 2nd, 2011

Dear Family,

Hey I really enjoyed this weeks letters from everyone and I definitely enjoyed Josh´s story about his going down in a blaze of glory with the band, I laughed out loud and I told it to my fellow missionaries today.  ok I hope you guys aren´t upset but the first presidency of South America, South came out and said that we can´t travel during those days of Christmas so I´ll be out one more week!! That means my last day in the field will be Christmas so make sure you tell Santa for me that I won´t be there. I hope you guys aren´t sad but I think it would have been weird if I only missed one Christmas. I´ll probably be home the following Wednesday, pretty short time to be home but its kind of how it was when I was going out too. I promise when I go to college I will communicate more frequently. It´ll probably be easier anyways because of the limitless ways to communicate through that advanced US technology (hint haha). I can´t believe that Tasha and Josh already are in college and that they don´t have too much fun without me I hope that Josh doesn´t do anything too crazy. Just try not to get involved with the law because now you´re in real life.

This week was a great week I hope I remember all that happened. Familia Lazarte is just doing great they just need to get to church again! Argentina just loves having holidays, its getting out of hand, Day of the Dog, Grandpa, Day for Children (thats what it was this week), you name it, they´ve got it. It just inconveniences the work but after this week I think that they´re going to be baptized. They´re so nice, all of the visits we had with them they would pray for our families back home, for lack of a better word its so sweet when they do it. We were able to talk about marriage with them and they didn´t have a problem with it. They said they´ve been talking about getting married for forever (18 years!) and we told them that we were going to help them out with it. We talked about how they felt about what we had taught them up until now and they said that they said the day before we arrived at their house they were thinking about how they needed to get closer to God and she said that since we´ve been coming by they feel something different that they´re understanding a lot more and not just reading or listening. It was a pretty awesome feeling when we were with them in that moment. I´m pretty sure they´ll get baptized its just a matter of when and this Tuesday we´ll be talking about getting a marriage date. Fransisca, the mom is already in 1 Nephi 14 and she´s probably the one that has progressed the most. We just have to get their husband a little more excited but this last week I could really tell that we got a lot more of their trust.

I hope you all enjoy the pictures, its of me drinking purple stuff, pizza that we made, and some pancakes and pasta for our lunch and our new haircuts that I did of my comp and I. Sorry if the letters are getting a little short, I guess all of the weird things that used to happen are just getting normal and all of my days are turning into a big fast blur of time but don´t worry I´m havin a blast. The church is true!


Elder Singer

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