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Written by admin on September 2nd, 2011

Dear Family,

Thank you all for the letters, I´m still somewhat adjusting to being the only missionary to receive mail and it seems like yall write a little bit differently but it was great to hear from you all. I can´t believe that Josh and Tasha are already headed for BYU, the nest is on its way to being empty! Its kinda sad to think about it that we´re all growing up. Make sure for next weeks letter, yall include like a motivational quote or some awesome spiritual story so I don´t miss you all too much. But don´t worry I´m fine, this week was full of great experiences. That was a neat story about the Petty family, I think he would be proud to know that I have only missed a handful of days flossing in my mission. One of my comps gifted me dental floss because I was so faithful in doing so on a daily basis. My head feels a little heavy after a bit of bballin and pipza (pizza in Tucumano) partyin so if this isn´t super coherent you can guess why.

This week was solid because when we went to go visit the Lazarte family, I don´t know if you all remember who they are but the mother and the daughter both prayed and recieved an answer! The described it has a complete joy that they felt from head to toe. In Argentina it is required by law to vote and they do it on Sundays and we think it might have been because of that that they weren´t able to go to church because we had a member go by and they told her they weren´t able to go. We´ll see what happens this week but we´re way excited about them.

We found a handful of other interesting people this week too one guy who really wants to change and had been involved in lots of bad stuff before and he gives us a big smacker on the cheek everytime we say goodbye, thats how they roll here though. Roxana didn´t come to church either but she recieved an answer and wants to be baptized but she has to get married too. The person that did come to church this week was Adriana that we´ve been teaching a way back, she´s in a pretty tough situation but she has a really hard time believing because of the things that happen to her in her life but little by little she is making progress. All and all lots of great things are happening in our area its been quite a blast. Ever since the change of the goals we just teach and teach all day long its great and the progress is much more rapid. Elder Carlson is such a great companion and he impresses me all the time. He said that his Bishop knew Mom and Dad from college, his name is Matt Peterson, that sounds familiar to me too…

Also I went on exchanges with Elder Spencer and that was awesome he is a great guy and I have learned a lot from him. He´s one of the other missionaries here in Villa Alem.

Here´s quote of the week said by your very own Elder Singer: “In God´s plan everyone can be a winner, just some people choose not to play!” I hope you have all been inspired and have an excellent week. Also read a talk by Elder Oakes called A Challenge to Become, it just might blow your mind like it did mine. Sorry if this was a lil short you guys just keep writing fun things to answer back too! I hope I have more fans than you guys for my blog by the time this writing thing is over.

Anyways, I love you guys have an excellent week!


Elder Singer

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