Happy Birthday Elder Singer… are you back yet??

Written by admin on September 2nd, 2011

Elder Singer and his district
Elder Singer and his district
Elders Singer, Carlson,? ,Michaelson?
Happy Birthday Elder Singer!
Happy Birthday Elder Singer!
Elder's Singer and Angel
Elder’s Singer and Angel
Elder Singer and his district!
Don’t mess with Elder Singer and his district!

Dear Family,

Thank you all for the Birthday wishes! I really enjoyed everyone´s letters for the week. Just so you know I had a great birthday and the missionaries in my pension surprised me with an ice cream birthday cake! We also played soccer as a district and we all had some sweet goals. I was a little sad to find out that Rufio died but I guess he lived a good guinea pig life. I hope Chancho will stick it out for a couple more months so I can see him again, did any of you cry? It kinda reminds me of whenever Buddy passed away. But hey when we see them again it will be better because it will be coupled with an eternal glory. We´ll just have to wait and see… By the way I got a letter from every member of the family today so thats exciting! I´m excited for Josh and Tasha and all of the fun new things that they will be doing their first week at BYU. And also about me coming home the day I am, I´m pretty sure its in stone for all the missionaries but I´m excited to stay for one more Christmas.

This was a pretty good week in my area, we taught tons of lessons and I got to go on divisions with Elder Michaelson our Zone Leader. He´s a great missionary and loves the people. You can really see it in his eyes and is a great example. He has the exact same birthday as me too and he and his comp sang Happy Birthday to me and then we sang it to them over the phone. When I was out with him we found some really great people and had some solid lessons. This weird member guy we met did a little Kung Fu routine in the door for us I tried really hard not to laugh, he told me you just have to break the wrist and walk away, sounds like good advice.

The Lazarte family is doing great too, there was just the final voting so they didn´t go to church again but this next Sunday is looking pretty solid and we´re all excited to have that out of the way. I think they are really starting to like us and they sent us a really nice text message for my birthday. My comp let everyone know that it was going to be my birthday today so I got a couple more birthday wishes. We´re really excited for Flia Lazarte because they´re getting into the habit of having family prayer and they have been able to see the difference. We´re trying to get the Dad more involved so I think we are going to try to set a day when we can come over and help him work on their house. We also found a lady named Beatriz and her whole family are members except her and they all live in different parts and when we committed her to a baptisimal date she said she wanted her brother to baptize her! So we´ll see what happens with her. Also theres some 9 year old kid who has a brother thats a member and told us that he wants to be baptized. Free baptism, whoo! I just feel like our area is about to explode now that we have all of this stuff out of the way on Sunday I´m pretty excited! There is a great power in enthusiasm and attitude, I think it shows God that we have faith and so he blesses us accordingly. We also had a meeting with a 70 Elder Aidukaitis and he encouraged us all to believe in miracles and that we can do it we just can´t doubt. Mormon 9 is a pretty intense chapter. I don´t have a whole lot of time to tell about it but when I get home if you all remember I have a fun story to tell about that meeting.

I think you all will enjoy this weeks fotos. The guy with the insane face is Elder Angel, he had to go home this week because of his tumor so I´m not sure if I´ll get to see him when he comes back. I think you´ll enjoy the one of my district being hard core. They chose me to be in front, I felt pretty cool taking that picture, not going to lie. Also I look tan in the pics for my birthday (with the star wars stuff mom sent) but really I´m not I just forgot to take it off sunset mode haha. Well, here I go, I love you all, have a wonderful adventure this week and write me about it!


Elder Singer

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