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Written by admin on September 5th, 2011

Elder Singer and others

Elder Singer with missionary friends at the bus terminal

Dear Family,
Hey thanks so much for the letters, don´t forget to tell Josh to write me too, I want to hear whats going down in Merrill Hall. I´m sure glad BYU was able to pull out, I can´t believe they´re playing Texas next week, that ought to be interesting. There were transfers this week and our pension is the same except Elder Spencer is headed for Jujuy and a missionary named Elder Adams is here now and he has about a year in the mission. One of the first things he asked us was if we were BYU fans, so if you were curious if I ever hear about BYU, a good half of the missionaries get all the updates. Transfers will be pretty insane with lots of changes because so many trainers are needed and the trainers have to stay with their trainers for 2 transfers and so I already knew that we were staying. Elder Araya was finishing his stay in Diza last night and as he entered the pension they got robbed and that area no longer has a cell phone and it is going to be white washed by Elder Carrari and his trainee. I don´t know if yall remember Elder Carrari but we were in Santiago together for a while and we always went on divisions. He´s a really great guy and I was excited when i found out he was coming over to our district. I´m really excited about our district, everything is getting really intense. Since Elder Aidukaitis came everything is way more intense and everyone is picking it up. I can´t imagine what the world´s missions will be like in just a year, the working method, training, teaching, it is all intensifying and its really exciting. Anyone thinking about serving a mission has got to be ready because the true church is a living church and the Lord has demanding more and more. Looking back just when I started my mission, I think everything has hugely improved and the demand for lots of preparation is increasing too. Its fun to talk about, President Levrino said that every moment Elder Aidukaitis had to talk to him he was training and teaching him and its all about catching the vision and having miracles.
Speaking of miracles, we had a pretty awesome week! If you all remember from last week´s episode, we had been struggling with church atendence and this week we had 6 investigators in church! We went out an hour early on Sunday morning and we tried to hit up as many people as we could and we went by 5 families!…. and none of them came! Haha I guess thats the works part of the faith that makes faith count but we had 6 people anyways so we were happy. If you look back from a bit we had Franco that kind of dropped us and out of the nada he appeared at church, he left a little early so we didn´t get to talk to him but we were so pumped to see him there! Fransisca and her daughter came to church, Leo (free baptism), Alicia the old nice lady, and then our recent convert Marta brought someone else too. Fast Sundays are a party in our ward because most of the Stake callings come from our ward and I had never seen the chapel so full! It was great.
The Familia Lazarte is progressing a bit, its just hard because they aren´t married and Walter the husband has a really tough schedule and its hard to work around. They made me pizza on Thursday for my birthday, that was really nice of them, we´re trying really hard to get them married but they want to have a big party so we´ll see how that goes. We also found some family of a member knocking doors and they were really solid, we´ll be taking them to church next week I believe. Also this week I went on Divisions with Elder Brisolara and we teach great together it was so fun. We taught a great lesson in the morning and I could feel the Spirit so strong. Elder Brisolara has been through the thick and thin with me, we were in the same MTC district and we started in the same district too. But yeah thats basically all of the exciting things that happened this week unless I forgot some. I hope you like the pics I sent, the teeth pic is for Dr. Petty to see if I can do any infield treatment while I´m out here in the jungle.

Elder Singer

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