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Written by admin on September 2nd, 2011

Dear Family,

Hey thank you all for the letters, it definitely felt a little weird to have them addressed to a single missionary instead of two. It sounds like everyone is having fun adjusting to the changes that are happening at home. I can´t imagine what it´ll be like when I come home and we´re all together again and I figure I better not imagine anyways but being a missionary has been great. Yall asked me some interesting questions and being DL and training has been somewhat stressful but great. District Leader is cool because we are the missionaries that get to train other missionaries more than any another. Also the new program for trainers requires an additional 1.5 hrs to the 2.5 and if you couldn´t do the math that gives you a total of 4 hours of study. It focuses a whole lot on the new missionary taking the initiative in everything and by the end of the 12 week program (Napoleon Dynamite! haha, its actually 12 weeks!) its expected that the new missionary be ready to train another new missionary. Its a bit harder for the gringos I imagine because of the language barrier but Elder Carlson learns pretty quickly, and by putting him on the spot all the time in the lesson to teach it makes him learn fast too. The key is the practices too I would say, its been really cool because not only are the studies long but they are efficient so when we go out to teach almost exactly what we practiced comes out and it makes for some excellent lessons.

Anyways, this week was, well, lets just say it was quite a week. Lots of changes and new unknown challenges. It was the first full week with Elder Carlson and also President Levrino is making lots of changes but I like them. I feel like doors are opening. He always says that everything we do needs to be focused on our purpose and also the goals have changed too so things we do every day and the way we have planned have had to adapt. I like it though because its more teaching focused and less knocking doors. Not much time to tell much more but the future is bright! Little time to have lots of fun but here I go. One of my fav quotes, the future is as bright as your faith (Pres Monson). Well gotta go, I love you guys a ton, sorry this was a lil short I was writing Tasha, have an excellent week and if you could, send me an outline of Tasha´s talk!

Love, Elder Singer

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