Written by admin on October 11th, 2011

Dear Family,
This was another great week. I thought your letters were great and I really enjoyed the letters you all wrote. Poor BYU and poor Texas weather. Things will surely make an improvement in a couple of months. I´m glad to know that you are all doing well and I just want you all to know that I´m doing fine and am well protected if you heard any strange things from the street. We ended up having our baptism this week and it was great! It was slightly insane because I kinda had to run the show but it was nice and spiritual and Leo got baptized and confirmed. There was also an 8 year old kid and his mom asked me to baptize him and Bruno, Leo´s neighbor, baptized him. This Saturday Alicia is going to be baptized and we´re really excited about her. She is such a nice lady with a really sweet heart. I went on divisions with Elder Robbins, he´s from my group and it was nice teaching with him he´s a really solid guy. If you wanna see what he looks like you´ll have to find the short red head guy from the MTC.
We were flipping through the area book this week also and we found a family and they were awesome. They didn´t come to church this Sunday because they are used to visiting family but we´re going to get them to church this week. We had 4 people in church but we were expecting like 15 but thats kinda how it goes. Fransisca and fam are doing good but they got invited to a baptism from another church but they´ll be there next Sunday BUT the kids did make it to the baptism on Saturday so thats good. Whenever we pray with them they always include us in their prayers and they pray to have us continue helping them live the Gospel. We´re almost halfway through the transfer and I´m a little nervous about what could happen because we´ve been having lots of success and I just don´t want to go because I´m really going to miss the people we get to work with. It will be a bit strange because this will be my first area with 6 months and with the new President all kinds of fun unexpected things are happening but I guess thats how revelation is sometimes. Whenever we had the trainers meeting Pres. Levrino said of all his time in the church he has never had such powerful experiences with the Spirit when he had to choose what to do. Sorry if this one is a bit short, I´m in a bit of a hurry but I just want you all to know that I love yall so much and for being such awesome examples to me. The mission is awesome and I´m going to make these last moments the best ever, I´m having the time of my life. I still sometimes look up into the sky and I think whoa… I´m in Argentina and I´m a missionary! I just hope it doesn´t seem like a big dream after! Well, I´ll talk to you all the next week and I hope to hear lots of great news. Include some wonderful spiritual messages please! :)

Elder Singer

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