Alicia´s baptism

Written by admin on October 11th, 2011

Dear Family,

Well… another week has gone by and I can barely remember it! I think baptism weeks are just so stressful that the days are just like a big long blur and I forget what happens but as I write maybe something will occur to me. Basically everyone´s letters this week started out like well… this was a boring week… but I guess you can´t have all great weeks. I was telling one of the missionaries how Dad would say if life was perfect 50 percent of your days would be great and the other 50 percent would be just terrible. Every week they just keep nailing us in church and we´re in there in Principles of the Gospel asking to tell stories about our family and its made me miss you guys a little bit but I guess thats ok, I can´t believe I only have 3 months left in the mission :/ its gone by too fast! I can´t really remember who Gladys Knight is though but I think I have an idea, sounds like a nice lady with some cool music.

Anyways I´ve been good and everything has gone well for us, at the end at least. I felt like we were running around all week long but it was quite the adventure. Alicia´s baptism turned out nice and she was all happy to be there. We were teaching her in the week and she asked us who was going to baptize her and the whole time before Elder Carlson was saying he would be too nervous to baptize her and that he would rather have me do it and when she asked my comp looked away and I did a head nod with a big smile towards him and she was like “oh so you´re going to baptize me!” It was really funny and I still don´t think my comp realized yet, I´ll probably tell him later though, he was really nervous for it but after it all turned out just fine. I got to speak about the Holy Ghost in the baptism and that was nice too. Also Fransisca came to the baptism with a member so we´ll be finding out what she thought. After our baptismal service, San Felipe, one of the areas in my district had a baptism too so that means I got to do another interview, it was a little long but it was great! They baptized the wife of one of the guys that got baptized like 2 months ago so they were able to complete their family. And to make yall feel happy I played the piano in both services too.

Another one of the highlights of the week was also our Zone Conference. President Levrino gave quite the conference and he sure does know how to motivate us. He talked a lot about how President Hinckley said that we need to pick up the pace. We´re getting baptisms but we´re not getting enough, and the goal is to baptize every week and that if we have faith and give everything we can we´ll be able to do it. In the month the mission baptized a ton and we´re its exciting to see all the big steps we are making. I think at the end of this transfer I might be ending my mission somewhere else but we´ll see. Did you all read the first presidency´s message about conference? It was a great message because I´ve found that every conference is full of more wonderful opportunities to receive personal revelation. Its going to be my last general conference of the mission! This week I´ll be telling you all which talk I liked most and if you all can, let me all know what talk you liked most and why. Thats about all for the week, I love you guys so much! I forgot the right card so I´ll be sending the pictures next week.


Elder Singer

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