Conference week!

Written by admin on October 11th, 2011

A baptism

A baptism

Dear Family,
Well it was good to hear from you all again, next week you´ll have to tell me of all your favorite talks. I´ve always been a big fan of Elder Christofferson and Elder Oaks about repentance and being what are covenants require of us. Overall I thought it was excellent. Because it was the last of my mission, I decided to watch most of it in Spanish. As I watched the talks and listened to the words of the music, I felt the Spirit testify to me with a profound manifestation of the divinity of the Savior and of his servants that he has chosen to teach his Gospel. I hope you all could feel this too, lots of firey feelings (good firey feelings haha) came to me and it made me want to fight in the battle against Satan. I know the women weren´t able to hear it but Elder Holland gave an incredible talk at priesthood, he did what we call in our mission dropping cane. It was quite the discourse and it sure made me excited to be here. I can only imagine how much the church and the Lord´s work will change for future generations of missionaries and I feel like there will be lots of incredible things in the future. I´m not sure if you all remember but one of the talks about gifts a missionary receives and that this is not the best 2 years of our lives but FOR our lives. I can definitely say that this is true. I would definitely say that there is no hotter nor rewarding furnace of affliction than the mission. It makes me sad whenever people don´t accept the Gospel or members don´t accept their commitments because they don´t know what they´re missing! Elder Brisolara and I went on divisions and we taught some semi crazy lady and she was convinced she was a seer and she asked us if we believed in seers and my first thought was “you have no idea…”. Later that day I was sick all afternoon and at about 9 at night, my body freed itself from lunchtime through the mouth and I suddenly felt full of energy and excitement. Our joke is that it was like repentance. To tell you all the truth, the week has been a bit of a sour one number wise and investigator wise. I´m not sure what happened but I think it has something to do with her husband but flia Lazarte dropped us. I know she had a testimony though, one day missionaries are going to go knocking on their door and they are going to let them in. I would have loved to see them baptized but it´ll be another day. We´ve got several options and a whole area of people so we haven´t lost hope. I love you all so much and it was great to hear from you. Pray for me and I´ll be praying for you, thank you so much for all of your love and support!

Elder Singer

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