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Written by admin on October 11th, 2011

Dear Family,

Well this was another fun week. I feel like I probably have just a week left here in Villa Alem but you never know I could stay but I´m a bit anxious to know. What is going to happen but I will be letting you all know soon. Today we did some deep cleaning in the pension it was quite the blast. I just hope the neighbors dont get mad at us for so many trash bags. In Argentina we hang trash bags on telephone poles so the dogs don´t get to them and today the telephone pole looked pretty cozy with all our junk. Anyways there were probably more exciting things that happened this week than me rambling about garbage.

I got a little conference quote from Megan and that was nice and I really enjoyed the Steve Jobs speech from dad. When I got home I wrote the quote on a note in front of my desk because the mission is kind of like a mini life and I have to live each day as if it were my last until I die! :/ but hey thats life, I cant believe how short my time is now. Ah well, this week we are going to have a conference with Elder Aidukaitis of the 70 on Wednesday and we´re all excited for that but this last week we had a lot of fun lessons. On the training program there are certain things that the trainee has to accomplish and this was the week that he gets to take the initiative on everything like planning and lessons and Elder Carlson understands just about everything and is speaking well. I bet he´ll get a Latino comp next. That should be a fun adjustment but at least he´ll have Elder Adams in the pension because those first couple of days of 24/7 Spanish is some work for your brain. I really hope I end with a Latino comp, after Elder Carlson I will have had 9 months of gringos in a row! We do speak spanish sometimes when we´re together but you can imagine how intimate those conversations are. This week we found some guy named Ariel and he only lives a block from the church and we had a solid lesson and he accepted a baptismal date. We also found a guy named Gustavo who has a sister that is a member that lives in Atlanta but we haven´t been able to teach him a full lesson yet. And another lady named Claudia and she was a reference. She has been angry at God for 17 years since her Father was killed by a robber but we read from the Book of Mormon about God´s justice and how that it wasn´t fair either that Christ had to pay the price that he paid but he allowed himself to go through it because he loved us so much. I think this week my testimony has really grown of the atonement. We had testimony meeting this week and in most of my mission I would get up whenever no one else would but this week I could feel a strong pounding in my chest, I felt like my heart was going to jump out and so I got up and I bore my testimony mostly on the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I am in 3 Nephi when Christ visits the Americas and it was an awesome feeling because the entire book it talks about Christ and the importance of looking to him and preparing for his coming and when he finally comes I felt something very special. Every moment I get I try to read a chapter or 2 and my goal is to be done in the next 2 weeks. I don´t know if I told yall but I´ve kept a mini Book of Mormon in my pocket my entire mission and I think I´m going to try to keep that tradition alive for the rest of my life. Its a great manual for life to have close by. Its like something that goes with the cell phone and keys, you can´t leave without it. I think I went through a phase that made me think that “I know the Book of Mormon well…” because I can find lots of stuff in it but I realized that contentment with anything is when progression stops and so I´ve been trying to dive in again and its true that every time you open it, the revelation just flows in to your mind so I hope you all have it close by too. I love you all so much and am very grateful for your support. I can´t wait to hear again from you all. I like this quote from Pres. Monson,  “When you treat a person as they are, they remain as they are… but when you treat a person with the way that they should become, they become what they should become” something along those lines… Anyways, the church is true!


Elder Singer

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