Villa Saavedra!

Written by admin on October 17th, 2011

Dear Family,
Hey thank you all so much for your letters, I really appreciate your love and support. This letter is going to be really short but I just got back from a ton of traveling. I feel like the monster guy on Monsters Inc whenever he gets banished to Iceland haha but they tell me this area is great. If you want to look it up, its in a city called Tartagal in northeast Salta and here it gets SUPER hot from what they´ve told me. I got to finish my time in Villa Alem in a very special way with an awesome miracle!! We found a family on Tuesday and when we came back they were already towards in end of 2 Nephi! It was awesome and then on Saturday the Mom was in Heleman! It was pretty awesome and Elder Carlson and I were just about to jump out of our shoes we were so excited. That night as I prayed I felt a special excitement and the tears just started rolling, it was really neat. They had all kinds of great questions and the Mom after the 2nd visit said that she KNEW the church was true. It was such a cool experience and I have no doubt they will be baptized in the next month. We also had a conference from Elder Aidukaitis and he laid down the law, the church is getting more intense and when he gave his testimony it was incredible, I could feel that he really knew. Anyways, Villa Alem was great but I was a bit sad to go and I said goodbye to Elder Kingsford too that was in my zone. It felt really weird to think that it was probably the last time I´d be there in Tucuman, at least for a while, but it was a great area. Also we were able to convince Familia Lazarte to keep trying. But yeah my new comps name is Elder Henriksen and he´s from Holiday Utah and my area is called Villa Saavedra. It seems like a really solid place and I´m really excited to finish my mission here. Speaking of which I wanted to ask for yalls help to help me focus and not talk about how excited you are for me to come home if you can. Like yall can but just not a ton. Sounds good? Well, I´ll be excited to tell you all about my week in my new area. Btw I´m district leader again! It´ll be a blast, I love you guys!
Elder Singer

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