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November 21st, 2011

Sunday, November 27th, 2011

Dear Family,

This was another fun week here in Villa Saavedra. Every time someone asks me how much time I have left they just gasp and remind me that my time is almost up, its going by way too fast! I´m having a hard time remembering all that happened this week they are going by like a blur but it sure has been an intense responsibility being District Leader up here in Tartagal because its so far out from the rest of the mission and all of the missionaries in my district are so young so I´ve been working up close with them a lot. I had my interview with President Levrino on Tuesday and he said everything will work out with the flights they just have to make the readjustment and Dad I´m not sure how it would go if you called Pres. Levrino it would be a push to say he speaks a lick of English haha. He is a really cool guy and knows how to motivate the missionaries. I can really tell he loves us and wants us to reach our potential. I thought I wouldn´t be able to get to know him very well with such a short time left in the mission but I feel like we are pretty cool. He´s always asking us for more and is never satisfied, just a good leader.

Lately every single wednesday afternoon I have to travel to Positos up on the border to do baptisimal interviews and I did divisions with Elder Mulleneaux in Tartagal 2 he´s a cool guy from Arizona. I also worked with the Zone Leaders, Elder Parker and Elder Dillree and they are both excellent missionaries and super focused and they want whats best for the mission. I worked with Elder Parker and he was a good teacher, we talk a lot about how we need to focus on the objective of bringing others unto Christ through baptism and we start our lessons talking about how we are there to help them make covenants with God. My testimony of the Book of Mormon continues to grow, whenever I pick it up I can´t put it down and its just incredible how clearly it expresses the truth and with our investigators we´ve been trying really hard to get them to have a desire to dive in and they will know. In the Ensign there is a talk at the end and it talks about how that if you really want to know you will know and the different ways that God answers our prayers. I´ve had the opportunity to see lots of great things but also lots of sad things and sometimes I feel like we spend too much time in church meetings and we don´t get the most out of it and it causes us to just not get it. I can´t remember where I heard the quote but it says that principles aren´t true until your life depends on them and its something so true because often times certain beliefs are professed but when it times to put beliefs to the test and the natural man gives in. I guess one of the greatest blessings I have received from serving the mission is learning to live the Gospel. Its like what Pres Uchdorf said, you can´t fully enjoy all the capabilities of a super computer if you don´t even know how to turn it on and the Gospel and its many privileges are the same, you´ve gotta read the fine print and THEN we can enjoy all of the blessings… Anyways I guess I´ll get off my soapbox now I just get fired up about it sometimes but its about time for me to go… I love you guys so much, have a great week and I hope that you all have a happy Thanksgiving and remember to be grateful for all the many blessings we have! :) Love, Elder Singer

Elder Christofferson

Sunday, November 27th, 2011

Dear Family,

Well this was another adventure filled week, we had 9 investigators in church it was awesome and we saw lots of people take big steps of progression. I can´t believe my time is so little now and yeah I think the missionaries in the office didn´t check what day I was going home but yeah it makes perfect sense that you called, I´ll call them too and make sure they know whats going on. Also this week was our conference with Elder Christofferson. It was an excellent conference and it was great to see the entire mission in one place at a time and I was super impressed by his Spanish, how well kept it was. Elder Jensen (presidency of the 70) and Elder Arnold (1st quorum of the 70) were there and it was incredible. We got to shake all of their hands along with their wives. Elder Christofferson did an open discussion with questions and answered them with the help of the other brethren that were present and it formed quite the Spiritual symphony. Whenever they entered the room I knew that they were servants of God, I could feel it, and whenever they gave their testimonies of the Savior they used simple words but their was great power in what they said and you could tell that they really knew. To go we left from here at 1:30 in the morning and got there at 8 in the morning and we were back on the road by 12 so it made for quite a weekend.

Like I was telling you guys, we had 9 investigators in church and we´re seeing lots of progress in our investigators and having lots of cool experiences. The thing is, we should have had even more people! We found a big family this week and we were only able to take 2 of them but I think they liked it and are going to progress and also we had a cool little miracle that we found a lady named Susanna and she has a daughter that is handicapped and when she showed us where her wheel chair was from it turns out that it was from our church! Whenever we went back to visit her one of her friends were there and he was a member! Unfortunately she didn´t come to church but we´ll be seeing her tonight to see whats going on. Also there is a really big family that has one kid that is a member and the rest weren´t really interested but it looks like the parents are starting to get interested and they came to church and when we went by after it seemed like they loved it, I´m pretty positive that they´ll get baptized now! And for the last but not least experiences of the week, we have an investigator thats really evangelic and she´s read the bible a ton and she said she would only come to our church if we went to hers and I called President to ask for permission and he said we could. It was quite the experience, ask me when I come home haha. I think she liked our church though she just felt a little weird, she said she´s really trying to find the truth she´s really got to get down on her reading in the Book of Mormon. I´ve read just about all of the Ensign about the Book of Mormon and its helped me with my testimony a ton there are some pretty awesome talk especially about the one about being the keystone of our religion by President Benson. Elder Christofferson also said that he has a testimony of this gospel thanks to the Book of Mormon!

Well, thats about all for the week, I hope you all enjoyed this letter because its getting close to the last ones! Sad huh but I guess it´ll be good to be with the family again and I´ll get everything worked out we need to. I love you all! Portense bien


Elder Singer