Written by admin on November 8th, 2011

Dear Family,
We had another great week here in Villa Saavedra! I was glad to hear from you all and it sounds like everyone had a fun week even though yall thought your letters would be lame haha. But we had a handful of cool miracles this week and we´re planning on seeing a handful of people get baptized in the future. Grandma asked how old a nice old lady has to be in order to be a nice old lady and I asked my comp and he said 65 so we´ll go with that haha.
Anyways, this week I got to go on divisions to a place called Salvador Mazza, or Positos and its literally on the border with Bolivia so I was only about 20 yards away from Bolivia at one point. Its a pretty cool little town and apprently its where my trainer started his mission, Elder Perez, thats like 3 years ago! I asked a member if they knew him and they did. I was with Elder Martinez and he is from Mexico and he´s a super nice guy, he´s the oldest Mexican in our mission time wise in the mission but I don´t know if you guys know this but Mexicans and Chileans can go out on their missions when they are 18 and he has a little over a year and is 19 years old! While I was there I did 2 baptisimal interviews and both of them when we got to the house didn´t want to be baptized so we talked to them for a bit and resolved their doubts and by the end of it they both decided to do the interview and they both passed!
The next day I had a leadership training meeting with President Levrino and it was him and 5 missionaries so it was a nice upclose and personal meeting for a couple of hours and it was excellent. Every time we have a training meeting I feel like my eyes are opened up and my vision widens for what we have to do in the mission. There have been some awesome changes and the mission is baptizing more than it ever has in all of its history. I had quite a bit of traveling those 2 days and I slept like a rock but the weekend was awesome. We had a guy contact us from a car and his name is Victor. He was super excited to see us and he said he had some problems when the missionaries taught him and thats why he didn´t get baptized but now he wants to see us again. He is a really funny guy and he is a shoe tailor that works outside and we went by and this Sunday he wasn´t able to go because he went up to Bolivia but we´re going to make sure he goes to church this Sunday. Another good thing that happened this week was that we went on divisions with some members and I was with Hermano Rojas and he was bearing his testimony about how it took him a while to find the true church and that when he was baptized in our church it was his third time to be baptized and his pastor told him that God would condemn him if he got baptized in our church and as he shared this story our investigator, named Silvana, started to cry because that was the same problem that she was struggling with and then there was a silent pause and I looked at her and asked her what she was thinking and she said “Now I want to be baptized!” It was super awesome and the spirit filled the room! Anyways I hope you all have a great week, its getting super hot here and I can guarantee you all that I´ll be coming home with a pretty intense farmer tan, especially with my collar! I´ve been told that it gets up to like 120 degrees outside! Well hope you enjoy the letter, I love you guys so much!

Elder Singer

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