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Written by admin on November 8th, 2011

Dear Family,
Hey thanks for the letters, we had another great week here in Tartagal. My area is cool and so is my comp we get along really well. I´m not sure what I think about being in the same Biology class but if they grade us on a scale I guess thats good for me… haha jk! But yeah I think that would be fun because we would be forced to see each other every time we have that class! Maybe yall could put me in some spanish classes idk and about ROTC I know their are 3 class sections I have to be signed up for but maybe yall can call and ask them what you have to do. Here´s some random cool news by the way, I cant remember if I told you but on the 12th, we´ll have an all mission conference with Elder Christofferson of the 12 and Elder Arnold and Jensen of the 70. This is going to be intense I´m really excited.

This week was another adventure, unfortunately it went without bats but we do have a pet spider named shelob (named after the one from Lord of the Rings) and we feed it cockroaches and its like watching the Discovery channel whenever it gets fed. Not that you guys are too interested about that… but yeah we did have a good week, we had another baptism and it was the sister of the girl that got baptized last week. Her name is Mierna. I cant remember if I told yall but last week we invited their brother to come with us who has some problems and he came with us and liked it! Well with that it kinda seemed like we gave a glimmer of hope to the parents because for the longest time they would avoid us and all of the sudden they are really interested so we´re excited, I just think they need to get married and come to church and they´ll be set. We also had a cool lesson with one of our investigators that is having a bit of a hard time committing to anything but she already has an answer. Her name is Magi and she´s a really nice old lady and we were having a lesson at night outsider and all of the sudden the lights went out and we were teaching the Plan of Salvation under the stars! It was a pretty cool experience because we could hardly see one another´s faces as we taught the lesson but we were like stargazing it was pretty cool. Also I finished the Book of Mormon again and I spoke about the Holy Ghost in the baptism and I got to share my experience how I received an answer to my prayer from the Holy Ghost that same day it was really neat.

Something special about this week was that we had our district conference and President Levrino and is wife came with 3 of their kids and they both gave excellent talks! I think my asked me last week but to answer their question about where they are from, they´re from here in Argentina from a Province called Santa Fe, it actually borders our mission. Hermana Levrino talked about forgiveness and it was so great and then President talked about how to live a happy life and he used 2 Nephi 5:27 and the beginning of the chapter to base his talk off his subject. They both did a great job, President is such a big guy and he barely fits in front of the pulpit its kind of funny. Did yall figure out where I am on the map? Its just about Bolivia its pretty far out there. Anyways my time is just about wrapping up, thanks for everyone´s love and support and I´ll be hearing from you guys next week. Make sure you write me Josh!


Elder Singer

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