first week in Villa Saavedra!

Written by admin on November 8th, 2011

Dear Family,
Well, it was a great first week I love my new area! I have never seen an area with members that help so much! I was super impressed. We went on divisions like 3 times with the members and the presidency is just super pumped about missionary work and they hand out references like crazy! They went to an FHE with us and they were pumping up the family to send their sons on missions and they take the initiative in helping us out. I was lucky to get here now because we had 2 baptisms and I got to be the interlude entertainment and I spoke about the Restoration of the Gospel. I was the hero too because the missionary that I replaced was playing the piano for the choir in the district conference and I´ll be playing in that it looks like. Our area is really large, really hot, and there is sand everywhere. The streets are mostly sand and the sun is pretty strong. I left my cowboy hat in Tucuman and Elder Carlson is going to send it up to me. It hasn´t been too hard of a transition being here though. Apparently back in Tucuman with the flia we found the mom finished the BoM already! We have lots of cool investigators here too and its been fun teaching them. The people that got baptized are named Monica and Mauro and Mauro was a little miracle because we lost him the whole week and then Saturday morning sent us a text asking if he could still get baptized today because I think he was going to get baptized last week. Elder Henrikson is super cool and we get along great. He´s from Holiday Utah and went to Skyline and maybe yall have heard of that. We´ve had a couple of funny things happen this week to us already. While we were planning, a bat had entered into the house and it was flying all over the place and around our heads and we were kind of freaking out. I´ll have to show yall the video some day but it was quite the experience! My district is awesome by the way, I´m so old!! I think the next oldest missionary has 13 months in the mission! There are 7 gringos and 1 Latino from Mexico! They´re really cool though, we went and played soccer with some people from church and I decided that I need to keep playing after the mission in intramurals or something its becoming really fun. I happened to have my football with me also and that was… interesting. We tried to teach some argentines American Football and I think they thought it was pretty lame. Anyways, basically I´m really excited about dieing here in la Villa. Also I wanted to congradulate Tasha on her MTC job I´m really impressed and I already told dad but I hope he had a great birthday and for next year we can have parents day all together! Sorry if this one seemed a bit short just this spacebar requires a double thumb pound to put spaces between my words and I think my thumbs are getting tired haha. Well, I love you guys, I read Ether 3:4 and I had a really cool experience I can´t really describe it but yall should read it. I´ll probably finish the Book of Mormon tomorrow if not today!
Elder Singer

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